Sri means superior or Divine and Ayanam means route or path. Lalita's Ayanam mean the Divine Path shown by Lalitha or Mother of the Universe. Shree has another meaning as poison. Therefore, Sri Lalitayanam is the journey towards the Divine Mother who conserve everything equally without any difference between good or bad.

Who is Lalitha?

Sri Lalitha Parameshwari or Sri Lalitha Mahathripurasundari is the Soul of Nature shining inside all immovable and movable objects from “the Brahma till the ants”.

Arsha tradition

The universe has its own set rhythm. Our ancestors; sages were realised and experiences that This rhythm of Universe itself is the rhythm of life. Those who teach us that Without disturbing that rhythm, we can achieve self-realization through a systematic way of life, those who dedicated their Thapa as capital investment for Bharatha, those who make enable Bharatha to offer own contribution in Physics or even in spiritual science, those who literally made true the foreigner’s saying that there is only one land in this entire world to know all about everything under the sun which is India is our ancestors, the sages in the Aryavartha.


Arsha Jeevan

Arsha Jeevan is attaining of Moksha or liberation through the living which instructs by Sanatana dharma. It is the responsibility of every Indian who is the custodian of that culture to preserve that Arsha Bharata culture and pass it on to the next generation.

Accordingly, Sri Lalitayanam Trust is a society that stands for the holistic development of human life through an art of living based on the simple and noble Arsha tradition.


Our Mission*

To become a society which make possible the symphony of Materialistic as well as spiritual state of living through spiritual sadhana advised by ancient Indian sages, also to be the community to protect and Develop Sreepadha Sankari peetha where Lalitha Thripurasunhdarhi is flourishing in the name of Sreepadha Sankari.

Our vision can be summed up as:

“Survey Bhavantu Sukhina:
Sarvesanthu Niramaya:
Survey Bhadrani Pashyanthu
Ma Kashchit Dukhabhakbhavet"

An association by Staying as servants of Lalitha Parameswari ,spread the motherly affection to mankind and pray to avoid all sorrow from all.

Rishi Gram Project


“Introverted force is the knowledge”

A village which is expected to be built up in minimum of 100Acres land with all modern natural amenities developed till date by modern science which demonstrates the living of arsha heritage. In the mid or heart of the village there will be the Mahashakti Peetha based Purely on Tanthra called "Sripada Shankari Peetham".

  • Village living will be depended on Sripada Shankari Peetha.
  • The village will consist of the people who live by adopting the Shodasha colture from birth till death which are instructed by Rishis being fixed by Sripada Shankari Peetha.
  • A village that promotes complete vegetarianism.
  • A region with constant access to pure and abundant water.
  • Arrangement for Plant Culture where gives deep respect for plants and trees that is summed up in the following sloka:
    "Dhathe Bharam Kusumapatraphalavalinaam
    Gharmavyatham vahati shitabhavam rujam ch.
    Yo dehamarpayati chanyasukhasya hetoh
    Namaste Tasmai Vadanya Guru
    "Salutations to the great teacher tree, who lives without complaint, always bearing the heavy burden of flowers, fruits and leaves growing for others, scorching in the hot sun and shivering in the cold."

Nature conservation based on this principle.

  • * a confluence of Ancient and Modern Agriculture
  • * Ayurvedic Plantation
  • * Organic vegetable garden
  • * Floriculture
  • * Water conservation system.

Small Scale and Cottage Industries comprising:

  • Pooja Materials.
  • Handloom industry.
  • Sewing industry.
  • Craftsmanship.
  • Indian Products market place.


  • Vadhyakala Peetham
  • Martial arts.
  • Vasthu Vidhya Peetham.
  • Jyotisha Vidyapeeth.
  • Vedavidyapeeth.
  • Village with safe transportation systems.
  • Goshala with complete modern equipment
  • Milk production and cow conservation
  • Tantra Vidyapeeth.
  • Chitrakalapeeth.
  • Temple Art peetham
  • Well-equipped modern platform for performing dances connected with religion.
  • Yogavidya Peetham.
  • Sankrit learning center.
  • Treatment Centre.
  • Center for Advanced Technology Studies.
  • World class library
  • "World Thanthra Research Deemed University"
  • Community Marriage Hall
  • Mandapam where marriages are performed only as Agni Sakshi in Arsha tradition.
  • Audio-visual media of communication.
  • Village giving priority to advanced technology like solar project.
  • Grama Bank.
  • Village Conservation Scheme.
  • Pollution and garbage-free village.
  • Plastic-free village.

Grand Village Temple [Sreepada Shankari Peetha]

1. Sripadashankari Peetha will be known as "Mahashakti Peetha".

2. from idol to gopuram there will be sculptural excellence as a great temple

3. The main deity will be the Panchaloha idol of Goddess Sripadashankari stationed In Srividya-maha-shodashi Vidhanam,.

4. Pooja Vidhana will be according to the prescribed Puja plans of Mahakshetra by Kerala Tantra Shastra.

5. The main offering will be "Akshara Laksha Mantra Japa ( a lakh prayers) offering" to Sripadashankaridevi.

6. There will be a yagasala sufficient to perform all the yajna-yagadis prescribed in Indian Rishisankalpa.

7. There will have a spacious upsana mandapam with Chaturveda deities on Dakshinamurthy concept.

8. Vast temple pool with architectural beauty.

9. Temple garden.

10. Koothambalam.

11. Main cottage for chief Acharya.

12. Houses for Priests.

13. Temple servant houses.

14. Oottupura.

15. Guest Houses

16. An exclusive building to debate, discuss and decide on spiritual sciences.

17. There will be wide roads from all four sides arranged for the convenience of devotees.

18. Public cemetery.

Thus, "Shripada Shankari Peetha" is the Great Place which offer complete education which enables a person's spiritual quest and self-realisation without caste-religion-colour-race-gender discrimination.